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  • Election Day by Mark Keathley

    Election Day by Mark Keathley

    I wasn’t much interested in the art of learning when I was 15 and we studied American History. I remembered a few dates and names, but it didn’t really mean anything to me. When you get older and have more skin in the game, however, you start to care about politics a bit more. We want the party that will do what we think will cause the country to grow, or give us some free stuff, or make us feel safe – whatever our issue is – to win. So the fall of an election year starts to feel pretty important. I wanted to create a painting that captured one of those special events in history, and thought, “I wonder what the election of 1912 was like. It was surely one of the most important times in our history. In the following years, the Federal Reserve Act and the Income Tax Act were passed, the IRS was established, and then WWI started all during the term of the president who was elected that year. Surely he was one of the worst!” In looking up “vintage election photos -1912,” I ran across a bull moose party poster. Ding Ding Ding – I remember that from History class…. this could be good. Mr Roosevelt didn’t win the Republican nomination that year (which would have been a chance for a 3rd term) and so he instead started a 3rd party founding the Bull Moose Party. We had a donkey, an elephant, and now a moose! What a grand American animal. Surely he would win. Well, no, he instead split the vote of conservative republicans and handed the election to the Democratic candidate Woodrow Wilson. The rest is history! One thing that did change for good in the coming years from this time period, was a womans right to vote. In this painting, I have a couple of women with a poster declaring to the world that it is time to change on this issue. It’s a good thing to change on some issues like this one, but there are things to “conserve” as well. Let me be political just this once and say – Be INFORMED – do due diligence – don’t depend on sound bites! It’s Election Day ! – Mark Keathley

    Exclusive Edition Event Piece available for all dealers on November 16th.

  • Follow Me by Mark Keathley

    Follow Me by Mark Keathley18×24 SN (95) $750 Framed or $550 Unframed
    18×24 AP (15)  $1195 Framed or $995 Unframed

  • Happy Place by Mark Keathley

    Happy Place

    With my toes in the sand and my fingers tangled in the hand of the one I love - it just doesn't get any better than a stroll on the beach. It's my "happy place" to go in my mind when life isn't so relaxing.  I created another place to go and rest for you and yours as you too try to rest in the moment of the the day. So kick your shoes off and relax in your special happy place. 
    --Mark Keathley


    Exclusive Event Piece

    18x24 SN (25)  $750 Framed or $550 Canvas

  • Harbor Moon


    February 2016

    The Harbor Moon rises over the beacon light drawing folks from distant lands and ports where they can tell their tales of adventure and meet the need of the heart - to connect with another soul in a harsh world. Feel the presence of laughter and far away adventure when the captains of these vessels meet up over a hot meal in a dimly lit tavern and connect for a while before the sea calls them out again.

    ~ Mark Keathley

    Edition: 12"x16" AP (25)

  • Highland Harmony


    February 2016

    I go to the mountains regularly. Offering up amazing views and beautiful fresh air, I come alive in all my senses and breathe deep of the Majesty of God’s creation. I never cease to be amazed at the scale. No photograph or painting seems to capture the sheer magnitude of each peak much less the mass of them all together. This particular day of sightseeing, driving along miles of split rail fence and the entrance to Ralph Lauren’s Double RL ranch, I couldn’t take my eyes off the peaks ! Towering over the valley in front of me in the soft backlit sunlight, the landscape before me was mesmerizing. Patches of clouds, sunshine and shadows floating across the land were so internally moving, all I could say was “Wow!” over and over. I want you to feel the magnitude of the Rockies and the Harmony the light and air brought to this ideal setting as I changed nothing. I simply painted, took pictures, and breathed deep. I did wish for a heard of elk to come by - so maybe they did later - but I added them to complete the joy and the wonder of Highland Harmony.

    ~ Mark Keathley

    Editions: 20"x24" SN (95) and AP (15), 24"x30" SN (25) and AP (5), 36"x48" AP (5)

  • I'll Be Home


    November 2015

    This time of year (Christmas and the holiday season) is different for us than it used to be. In the past, when November 1st rolled by, Bonnie and I started making lists and getting excited about the shopping and gifts we would find for our little ones. It was a magical time of year filled with Play Mobile toys and BB guns. Once there was a horse, a real Teepee in the woods, and so many other fun things. Our boys grew up never having a “list” because they knew mom and dad came up with some great ideas beyond what they hoped for. This year, however, we have a gift or two in mind, but our hearts are longing for something else. You see, they are gone now. Those who once brightened our day with their smiles, jokes and passion for life, are off living their own lives in distant cities. Sure we stay connected with FaceTime and phone calls, but the thing we look forward to most are those simple words, “I’ll be home…. “ So go ahead - stir the longing and prepare a homecoming for those you love.

    ~ Mark Keathley

    Editions: 20"x24" SN (95) and AP (15), 24"x30" AP (25)

  • Light of the World


    September 2015

    By way of virgin birth, God side stepped the curse of sin and entered the world as man was originally created to be - Connected to the father by His indwelling Spiritual Life - ETERNAL LIFE. This LIFE was to be the Light of Men (that governing force within men which could guide each man in the light.) He was the Lamb of God born to “take away the sin of the world” (that self powering force which drives all men born in Adam to live separate from God.) By His perfect and sinless life, he was an acceptable sacrifice to pay for all the sin of all mankind. So, now, who ever believes in Him, steps out of darkness and bondage and into freedom and light. In HIM is no darkness. In HIM is no sin or condemnation. In Him is perfection.

    Jesus came saying “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near.” When we admit our need for His Light and acknowledge our own sin and darkness, we can then receive HIS LIFE (that inner Spiritual connection to God) and become Sons, Heirs to the promise, and Children of Light. We step out of Darkness and into a Kingdom with no condemnation or judgment on us, and therefore a place where we should judge no man. This is a new place where the KING, Himself, took on the penalty and judgment for all our sin, and reigns down on us blessing as sons and daughters. By Faith alone, we are placed into the new kingdom - we are IN HIM - JESUS - THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD.

    ~ Mark Keathley

    Editions: 18"x24" SN (495) and AP (25), 25.5"x34" SN (95) and AP (15), 30"x40" SN (50) and AP (10)

  • Love the Smokies by Mark Keathley

    Love the Smokies by Mark KeathleyI’ve spent a lot of time in the Smoky Mountains because they are so inspiring. So much beauty comes together in one spot, and then you throw in the human element. Whether I am driving through historic Cades Cove or the Roaring Fork Loop drive above Gatlinburg, my mind floods with the haunting memories of years gone by. Being in a place like that, my imagination soars, my nostalgic heart aches for what appears to be the Walton’s type of good ole days, and my artist mind wants to go and create. One thing I’ve noticed, though, during the twenty times I’ve gone to Gatlinburg, is that I have never found a spot that gets it all in one view. Love the Smokies is my attempt at putting the high up view of the distant mountains in the same scene with the up close and refreshing streams that flow down in their valleys. One of the wonderful things about being an artist is getting to create something that you wish you could see and then making it believable and hopefully inspiring for others. When the fires raged through the mountains around Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge this past fall, my heart broke for the people who suffered loss and the beauty which was destroyed. I felt compelled to paint “Love the Smokies” the way I have always seen it for the kind people who love and live around the mountains. Your hearts of kindness are an inspiration for us all!

    18×24 SN (95) $550 or $750 with frame
    18×24 AP (15) $995 or $1195 with frame
    25.5×34 SN (25) $830 or $1150 with frame

  • Morning in Cades Cove


    August 2015

    This particular morning in Cades Cove I was behind a line of cars crawling down the one lane blacktop. Brake lights were all on, maybe off for a couple seconds, then on again.

    The morning mist was thick and the air was thin. I remember wishing I had a warmer jacket as I strolled away from the line of cars hoping to find a vantage point that just might get it all in. It rarely happens - where everything comes together and I hear music in the background as I take a photo! This day was no different, but the sun was eager to shine its light on the landscape, and that is what caught my attention. Everyone else was there to see the fall color or an illusive bear, but I was after the light. I took this photo, and smiled inside when I reviewed it on my camera screen.

    As you can see, it was the "mood" that I was interested in when starting this painting. I arranged and re arranged some barns and a cabin, and decided to make it feel like I felt that morning, walking on my own through this picturesque countryside - nothing was planned. There was no "center piece." Just the randomness of nature and the addition of a family farm which I would see in a few minutes around the corner.

    Then out of my imagination and longing, stroll a herd of deer into the pasture from a thicket on the left. Oh, did you hear that? It sounds like turkeys in the woods over there. Maybe they will come out too. There is something about these dawn moments that stirs the soul and helps us anticipate excitement and adventure in our life. With Morning at Cades Cove, I want to invite you to your new day. It is bursting with color and sound, and light - so go ahead and enter it with anticipation.

    ~ Mark Keathley

    Editions: 18"x27" SN (95) and AP (15), 24"x36" SN (25) and AP (10)

  • Morning Silence


    March 2016

    The stillness in the mountains is different from where I live along the coast of Texas. I’ve gone days without feeling a breeze or the stirring of wind. Some mornings, the frost on the trees catches the light and highlights all the intricate details of the branches as they are backlit by a rising sun. It’s so thrilling to see it and capture it with my camera. Compiling several photos from the area around our cabin in the mountains of Colorado, I imagined this grand herd of elk coming into the clearing next to the river and put it all together in Morning Silence. Their warm bodies and breath are creating a steamy glow around them while they meander through yesterday’s snow looking for something to nibble on. While it is a harsh environment, these magnificent animals survive the conditions with grace and majesty and will thrill the soul on a chance encounter in the wild of the mountains.

    ~ Mark Keathley

    Editions: 18"x27" SN (95) and AP (15), 24"x36" (25)

  • Radiant Sunrise

    Radiant Sunrise by Mark Keathley

    I’ve been trying to create a spot where everyone can go to be alone with their thoughts, their own history, and their beliefs about themselves. In this place of stillness we can hear a new word – a truth from above which can change everything from that moment on. From this place and time forward it will be a new day, a new beginning – a “Radiant Sunrise”.

    – Mark Keathley

    Radiant Sunrise by Mark Keathley

    18×27 S/N (95): $750 Framed or $550 Canvas
    18×27 A/P (15): $1195 Framed or $995 Canvas
    24×36 S/N (50): $1150 Framed or $830 Canvas
    24×36 A/P (5): $1695 Framed or $1375 Canvas
    40×60 S/N (10): $3300 Framed or $2500 Canvas

  • Sanctuary by Mark Keathley

    Sanctuary by Mark Keathley

    When I close my eyes to shut out the noise and business of the day it’s hard to find a place to “go” in my mind where I can be totally at ease – at peace with my self and my life. When I do try to shut it out and go to my happy spot internally, somehow this is what I see in my mind – there is this path leading through the dunes and flowers where the sand is still warm from the sun, and up ahead the moon is drawing me forward to the edge of the water where I can walk and be alone, where no one will interfere with my thoughts. It’s a time to “be still” and soak in the light. I let all my senses tune in to the truth – “it is well with my soul.” I hope this scene can become such a place for you – a place to meditate – a place to simply BE – your own personal “SANCTUARY.”

    – Mark Keathley

    Sanctuary by Mark Keathley

    18×24   S/N     (95):       $750 Framed     or $550 Canvas
    18×24   A/P      (15):      $1195 Framed     or $995 Canvas
    25.5×34 S/N    (50):      $1150 Framed     or $830 Canvas
    25.5×34 A/P       (5):      $1695 Framed     or $1375 Canvas
    36×48    S/N     (10):     $2350 Framed     or $1800 Canvas

  • Summer Chapel



    May 2016

    When we look at the animal kingdom, there is no type of large group gathering other than that which is beneficial for  the heard or pack -  protection, provision, and companionship.   There is no public display of anything resembling adoration of an elevated animal status.   Animals  exist to live, to eat, and to reproduce.  They aren’t capable of anything even resembling worship.   With Man, however, it is much different.   No matter how much modern society tries to get away from our Creator  there is still  this human  desire to worship.  Stadiums will fill up with 10’s of thousands to watch a performer, or millions will follow an entertainment icon online.    What is it in us that wants to cheer, or be a part of  “look up?”    Why do we want to connect with something “higher” than where we think we are?

    Humanity is different than all other animal life.   Scripture says at creation, God “breathed” life into Man.   This was a different form of creation than with the animals where He simply “spoke” them into existence.   This “Life” is a capacity in humans to relate with or experience a different form of life in this universe -  Spirit.    This spiritual capacity creates in us an awareness that there is something else, something unseen, which is important to our existence.  As if there is a void in us, we look elsewhere - we “look up.”     In the world of the spirit, however, there is “Light” and “Darkness”  - Truth and deception.   There are plenty of spiritual entities who are happy to give man a “line” or two about what to worship and what to think.   They have revealed themselves over time by name, or symbol, or religion.   Their desire is to keep our focus on them rather than Creator, so they offer power and “enlightenment” in exchange for loyalty.

    Jesus once said, “...if these (who were worshiping Him) didn’t, the stones would cry out” - revealing where true worship was to be directed.  Another time He told someone, “a time is coming when you will worship neither on this mountain, nor in Jerusalem” speaking of the tearing down of the local and current religious system (going to a place to offer sacrifices) and introducing us to true worship - when we would  “worship in Spirit and in Truth.”     He eludes to the heart of man who “seeks” and “knocks” to find this new form of worship in his teachings, and then he dies to make it all possible.

    Summer Chapel is all about “looking up” - seeking  the mystery -  and experiencing the Light.   I didn’t set out to portray these concepts, but after finishing, I noticed that even the bear cub is looking up with arms outstretched.   Sure, he is fascinated with the fire flies (or lightening bugs as we call them)  but he isn’t noticing that they, too, are on a heavenly ascent - following the rays of moon light up to the heavens.    Yes, there is darkness all around, but the etherial light points to the delicate mystery, the stained glass adds to the sense of joy,  and it all leads us to look up.   

    ~ Mark Keathley

    Editions: 18"x24" SN (195) and AP (35), 25.5"x34" SN (50) and AP (5), 30"x40" AP (25), 36"x48" Premier (5)

  • The Heavens Declare by Mark Keathley


    Exclusive Event Release — Only 25

    When I was a young artist (16 or 17 years old) I always took my latest creation to the person I knew would be the most excited about it. My Gramma (Annette Keathley) would put her hands over her face and say, “Oh the heavens declare the glory of God!” Her excitement about my art is probably what compelled me to do another painting the next day. Whenever I paint a glorious sunny sky I think of her and her desire to turn everything into a conversation about the sweetness and majesty of God. She left me a great legacy of faith and of art.

    –Mark Keathley

    18×24 SN (25) $750 Framed or $550 Unframed

  • The View



    February 2016

    We love to get up high where we can see the world. When we see far off distance, we wonder and dream - “what’s it like from over there?” "What world awaits if I get to that place?” The View was just one of those dreamy spots where visions were cast, plans were made, dreams were spoken and determination to see it through was intended. From a cabin overlooking the valley, I painted this little painting of the spectacular Smoky Mountains, and then added a couple of little bears to demonstrate what we all want to do - rise up higher so we can see - The View - and dream.

    ~ Mark Keathley

    Edition: 12"x16" AP (25)

  • Three Amigos by Mark Keathley


    September 2016

    In my first wolf painting “Valley of Shadows,” I wanted to depict how we can lie down in the midst of danger and rest because we are being watched over by God. In my new painting, “Three Amigos,” I want us to see past what appears dangerous and look in their eyes.The first looks hungry, the second looks worried and the third looks defensive. Sometimes we forget our battle is not against flesh and blood.We need to look past the “problems” that people pose in front of us and see the longing and emptiness that cause this defensiveness or the attacks on us. Everyone standing before us has a past and a history – they have turned out the way they are because of it, and they just need some love.They, too, need to be a part of something for good.

    18×27 S/N $750 Framed or $550 Canvas
    18×27 A/P $1195 Framed or $995 Canvas
    24×36 S/N $1150 Framed or $830 Canvas
    24×36 A/P $1695 Framed or $1375 Canvas
    30×45 A/P $2650 Framed or $2100 Canvas

  • Tranquil Falls


    October 2015

    A picture perfect setting is a rare thing in nature. Life has a way of making a mess of things, and when we walk through it we are aware of time and tragedy. Fallen giant trees strewn about, huge boulders lying around from distant hills, and the eventual letting go of the leaves tells us that things will change. There are precious moments, however, when it is colorful and bright;; where there might even be a spot for you to sit and take it all in. This is why I created Tranquil Falls just for you. Go ahead and hop over to the green mossy rock and step onto the path that will lead you to a nice flat rock where you can take your shoes off and sit with your feet in the water. Then, just try to absorb the power and beauty of the falls. There are so many beautiful falls in the Smoky Mountains and surrounding foothills. Bonnie and I visited Tallulah Gorge a couple weeks ago in North East Georgia. Hurricane Falls could be seen after descending 650 stairs down into the bottom of the canyon. I stood there and "soaked" up the site, the sound and the feel of the falls. Of coarse I took some photos, too, because I wanted to paint this for you.

    ~ Mark Keathley

    Editions: 18"x27" SN (95) and AP (15), 24"x36" SN (25) and AP (10)