• I'll Be Home


    November 2015

    This time of year (Christmas and the holiday season) is different for us than it used to be. In the past, when November 1st rolled by, Bonnie and I started making lists and getting excited about the shopping and gifts we would find for our little ones. It was a magical time of year filled with Play Mobile toys and BB guns. Once there was a horse, a real Teepee in the woods, and so many other fun things. Our boys grew up never having a “list” because they knew mom and dad came up with some great ideas beyond what they hoped for. This year, however, we have a gift or two in mind, but our hearts are longing for something else. You see, they are gone now. Those who once brightened our day with their smiles, jokes and passion for life, are off living their own lives in distant cities. Sure we stay connected with FaceTime and phone calls, but the thing we look forward to most are those simple words, “I’ll be home…. “ So go ahead - stir the longing and prepare a homecoming for those you love.

    ~ Mark Keathley

    Editions: 20"x24" SN (95) and AP (15), 24"x30" AP (25)

  • Sedona Majesty by Abraham Hunter

    Sedona Majesty by Abraham Hunter


    Exclusive Edition Event Piece available for all dealers on December 4th.

    The last time I was hiking in the red rocks area of Arizona, I found myself kind of lost and far from the trail. As I crested a dry, dusty ridge, I came across a little trickling river beneath the imposing Cathedral Rock. This painting is what I envisioned while looking at the sun striking the towering rock formation. In the Bible, God promises, “I will make rivers flow on barren heights and springs in the valleys. I will turn the desert into pools of water and parched ground into springs.”

    In this painting, a fierce desert storm flashes its frightening power and darkness, but the rock seems like a mighty fortress against the rain and lightning as it glows in the light of heaven above. Even though the passing storm was furious, it provided the necessary rain to make a glistening river in the parched valley. These wild mustang horses have endured the storm and are now bravely emerging to drink in the healing waters. I hope the symbolism in this painting of the hope and refreshment that comes after the storms of life speaks to you and blesses your home.

    12×16 AP (25) $845 Framed or $695 Unframed